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choose a celeb - make 100 icons

celeb 100
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100 icons challenge focusing on celebrities.

Celeb 100 is an icon challenge in which an icon maker makes 100 icons in 12 weeks or 50 icons in 6 weeks from a subject s/he has claimed. In this instance the subject will be a celeb of your choice. Check out the claims list to see if your favorite star is available, make a claim or join the queue to be the very next in line to begin your challenge.

The idea and rules for this community come from other communities like this and the credit belongs to the people who have come up with this concept in the first place and to those who have polished it further.

profile codes

how to play

Join the community. You need to do this in order to participate. You can't be given posting access, if you are not a member.

Claim a celeb you would like to make 100 or 50 icons of. Stand back and wait for your claim to be accepted.

When your claim has been accepted, you will be added to the claims list with your individual deadline before which your claim has to be completed and you'll be given posting access to the community.

You make your 100/50 icons of your chosen celeb before your deadline is up. The first batch of 10 icons must be posted within two weeks of the moment your claim has been accepted.

When you have completed your claim before the deadline, comment to the hall of fame and you'll be added there among other succesful celeb_100 participants and you will receive a fine participation banner featuring the celebrity you claimed.

Once you have completed your claim, your celebrity is free for the claiming again and you can pick a new celeb and make a new claim.


In this community you can make your 100/50 icons of celebrities only. There are plenty of communities for similar challenges about movies, tv series and characters. We stick exclusively to celebs.

Each celeb may be claimed by one participant at any given time. If your favorite celeb has been claimed and you really want to make 100 icons only about him/her, you can post your claim at the queue. As soon as the person who originally claimed your favorite celeb has finished his/her claim or given the claim up, you will be notified that your subject is now free for you.

After your claim has been accepted you will have 12 weeks to complete 100 icons and 6 weeks to complete 50 icons. You can have up to three claims in progress at any given time. You will get the same exact amount of time to complete each claim, so if you claim three celebs for 100 icons at the same time, you will still have 12 weeks to complete all three claims. If you need more time to complete your claim, feel free to ask for an extension.

Needless to say all the icons should be new and made by you especially for this challenge and less than 40kb in size, [less than] 100x100 in dimensions and in .jpg, .gif or .png format (LJ standards). If you are caught using or copying someone else's work, you will be banned from this community and your claim freed.

You can post your icons in several batches. The first batch should be posted within two weeks from the date your claim was accepted. Each batch should contain minimum of 10 new icons. Please follow the posting format:

subject line: The Name of the Celeb - # batch - [#/100 (or #/50)]
(no more than three teaser icons)

use lj cut if posting the icons in celeb_100 and place all icons except the teasers under the cut. mention clearly if you use a fake cut and post the icons in your own journal and make sure that your entry is viewable to everyone and doesn't require friending you or becoming a member of your community.


Half of the icons you make for this challenge must depict a theme. If you are making 100 icons, then 50 of them must use themes and if you are making 50 icons, 25 of them must use themes.

Themes don't have to be used literally. You can come up with anything you feel comes across as sadness or funny for example. The theme doesn't have to be written on the icon unless otherwise specified.

Each theme can be used once, but they don't have to be used in order. The list contains 120 themes to give you a bit of choice in the matter.

candid alter-ego blue balance
divided funny smoke flower
sadness energy rainbow shape
star water angel devil
mask irony kiss profile
embrace negative fierce transparent
vanity friend red misplaced
curve quote silence sky
letter L * reality shades halo
wink trendy pose sparkles
winner costume empty motion
faceless upside down rich metaphor
lazy drink accessory wild
close-up touch intelligence journey
lyric apart loud genuine
forsaken sin soft movie title
pair greyscale trouble helpless
hot cartoon hidden dance
one free coy eyes
twins polaroid superhero vintage
decorative limelight girly/ boyish alphabet
desire silly secret action
end caffeine blah tiny text **
orange call alternative rude
connection hunger enemy above
below diamond spirit slumber
fix wonder whatever silver
wounded bitter puzzle object
perfect no line paint
aggressive initial bad high

* the subject or text on icon must begin with the letter L
** the icon must contain tiny non-readable text


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